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Pet’s Patio

Protection And Comfort For Your Pet.

Peace Of Mind For You!


What Is “Pet’s Patio”?

Pet’s Patio was created for pets yard safety and security and was invented out of necessity to protect pets from accidental open gardener gates, coyote attacks and unwanted rodent home invasion. Pet’s Patio is the only product of its kind designed and patented to enhance the lives of Pets and Pet Parents alike. With over 10 years of experience and innovation, Pet’s Patio has revolutionized the safety of Pets Lives everywhere.

Pet’s Patio improves quality time and resolves many of the issues that the pet parent community face daily starting from the most important, which is to provide a safe environment, a healthy and pleasant life and give owners peace of mind.

The Pet’s Patio secure enclosure prevents coyotes and critters from getting to your pets, gives pets freedom to experience the outdoors and safeguards from bladder problems while allowing a protected out door littler box among many of the other benefits!

Pet’s Patio has changed the lives of many and now it will change yours!

Every pet owner needs to have Pet’s Patio for peace of mind, safer healthier and happier pets and so much more!

Please join our community and send us a photo of your pet family and inquire, for your pets sake.

Thank you!!

The “Pet’s Patio” Story

I am the passionate proud founder of Pet’s Patio a product built out of my love and care of pets who have been a part of my entire life. Born and raised in Italy until migrating here to the US as a late teen, pets have always been a pure pleasure in my life.

I’ve always raised and cared for them with joy and they have been a sweet beautiful part of my life. I believe in a healthy fresh prepared food diet and because of it, they have lived long and healthy extended lives.

As a young mother I raised my children around pets who have always made the home fun and joyful. My vision for Pet’s Patio came out of pure necessity many years ago and emanated from a painful unexpected pet loss. No one should have to experience the loss of a pet from a coyote attack. I believe it was fate, as coyote’s are in fact a necessary part of natures pets. Pet’s Patio was invented from that experience and allows us to live together with natures pets who are still predators like coyote while enjoying life in natures hill sides and rural areas.

For me, my loss was horrific and for that reason, I decided no one should have to live through the same loss, the same way. So with the help many who support me, together, there is now Pet’s Patio. My hope is that you will join the many other pet parents and families like mine who have found Pet’s Patio to be the perfect addition to a loving pets home.

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We’ve Got You Covered!

Why Choose Pet’s Patio To Keep Your Pet Safe?


Weather resistant materials gives your pet the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in all types of weather!


Long-lasting protection from other potential predators!


Modern, flexible design allows you to make your Patio as big, or small, to grow with your furry friend!

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Pet’s Patio, LLC

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