Pet Flap Door

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You’ll never have to open the door for your pet again!

This has happened to you before. Whether you’re chilling on the sofa, lying in bed, or sitting on the toilet, your dog starts barking because it wants to be let in.

With the Pet Flap Door, they’ll never bug you about opening the door again!

The Pet Flap Door functions the same as any flap door, except this one comes with a two way lock! These interior and exterior locks let you secure your home and keep your dog indoors while you’re away.

Key Benefits:

  • Two Way Lock: The Pet Flap Door uses a two way lock that lets you lock it on either side of the door! Moving the switches one way makes it open outwards or inwards, and moving them to the middle makes it locked or open both ways.
  • Four Sizes: The Pet Flap Door comes in four different sizes to better suit your dog’s needs. Pick the one closest in size to your pet (or pets!).
  • Three Colors: Curbside appeal matters. That’s why our doors come in three different colors that are easy to mix and match with most door styles so you can keep your external design consistent.
  • Easy for Pets: Smaller dogs and cats have a hard time with heavy doors. That’s why our mini doors are designed to open both ways with minimal force.