Pet Safety Seat Belt

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Take your furbaby on the safest adventure of their lives!

Dogs love sticking their heads out of car windows and feeling the cool breeze. But when you’re driving and there’s no one else around to keep an eye on them, this fun dog quirk is a serious safety risk.

With the Pet Safety Seat Belt, you can keep car rides fun for your dog while keeping them safe!

Our Pet Safety Seat Belt is made of a premium nylon blend fabric that stays soft and breathable on the skin. Its durable metal alloy hardware can keep up with even the largest and most energetic dogs without snapping.

Key Benefits:

  • Woven Belt Strap: The Pet Safety Seat Belt is made of high tensile strength nylon blend fabric. Each individual strand is woven into a tight pattern that can easily adapt to sudden speed changes and complete stops without snapping or fraying.
  • Zinc Alloy Buckles: The strap is only as good as the hook when it comes to pet leashes. That’s why ours compromises nothing! Each hardware piece you see on our belt leash is made from a sturdy zinc and steel alloy.
  • Adjustable Size: This belt features an adjustable strap so that you can make it fit according to your pet’s size! This not only helps with the fit but ensures that your pet can’t slip out of their Pet Safety Seat Belt.
  • Six Colors: There’s no shortage of options for pet parents who like to match their pet’s leash with their outfits. This car belt comes in six different colors that you can also match to your car’s interior.