Retractable Safety Gate

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Keep your pets safe all around the house!

Introducing the Retractable Safety Gate. This new safety gate is the simplest and most practical solution to prevent your dog from freely roaming the house.

It is ideal for use by doorways, between walls, or stairwells, and it's simple to move from one location to another.

Made with extremely durable polyester and nylon fabric mesh material, our gate can withstand scratching or biting from dogs and cats. Install it in a spot that's convenient for you, and keep your pets safe and out of trouble!

Key Features:

  • Stretchable Design: The Retractable Safety Gate’s stretchable design lets you use it anywhere! Unlike metal fences, these flexible fences can be made to curve around corners and adjust to different wall angles.
  • Easy Installation: The Retractable Safety Gate uses sticky hooks that make installation hassle-free, especially if you’re using it outdoors, in an apartment, or in someone else’s home. No need to drill a hole in something to use it, simply stick the hooks on and add the mesh fabric!
  • Pet-Friendly Material: With its soft and stretchy material, our pet gate won’t injure even the most spirited escapees. No matter how hard your dog runs into it or tries to jump over it, it won’t give them nasty scratches or bruises.
  • Toddler Safe: Pets and small children often go hand in hand in family households. When you have a puppy-loving toddler in the house, the last thing you need is to buy a suffocation hazard. Our fences feature a mesh surface that lets your child breathe in the event of an accident.