Travel Dog Seat

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Give your pet the gift of portable comfort!

As pet lovers, we all want to keep our pets cozy and comfortable. But how do you do that in a car?

With the Travel Dog Seat, you can give your pets a comfortable place to sit and sleep next to you even while you’re driving. Handmade from fluffy cotton and linen fabric, this bag can keep your furry friend comfortable anywhere!

Perfect for traveling, the Travel Dog Seat is lightweight and can be easily carried around. This seat makes traveling snug, cozy, and safe for your pet! It also features a safety lanyard where you can easily connect your pet’s collar to help them stay secure.

Key Benefits:

  • Pillow Headrest: The Travel Dog Seat features a pillow-style headrest for your pet to lie their head on. Just remove the Velcro straps to let them roll down so your pet can enjoy the road trip!
  • Safety Belt: The Travel Dog Seat has a built-in safety belt to keep your pet safe during hard stops or accidents. This additional safety feature also helps keep pets from roaming inside the car while you drive.
  • Easy Carry Bags: The dog seats can be carried using their handheld straps. Like our other leash and belt products, these straps are made of a nylon blend fabric that can comfortably hold the weight of your furbaby.
  • Multiple Designs: Who says your pet can’t be both comfortable and stylish? Pick from multiple designs to make your dog seat fit your style!